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With the introduction of the brand name PALLETS CASTILLO, and the effort of the management in the professionalization of the production, and the technological innovation, the company has become the leader and reference in the pallet business field. And currently is the largest EUR-EPAL manufacturer in Spain.

Products and Certificates

EUR-EPAL: first approved manufacturers in Castellón, with the number E-019, we are the Spanish leader in sales and manufacturing.

Standard Europallets

Heat treatment HT: We are approved HT supplier with the code HT ES-012-0009, it guarantees our compliance with the European law NIMF-15 for the wooden packaging material. Our products can be exported in any country of the world.

Pallets with heat treatment

FSC®: we are pallet manufacturer in Spain with FSC timber, with the code SGSCH-COC-060019, it shows that we are committed with the environment, and with the controlled forestry management, from we get the timber.

Pallets with FSC® certificate

Chemical pallets: We are approved supplier with the code CP-1045 to manufacture that kind of pallets CP.

CP model pallets

Our Factory can produce any kind of 2-way (stringer) and 4-way pallets (block), and we can adapt the pallet to our customer’s necessities, depending of the kind of loading and weight capacity.

Two and four way pallets

We recycle Europallets with first and second quality and grade, depending of the customer’s necessities.

Standard recycled Europallet

We have timber cut to size (pallet elements) in different sizes in stock, and we can supply directly from the sawmill with different sizes and specifications.

Timber cut to size

PEFC: we are approved PEFC pallet manufacturer in Spain, with the certified number of the chain of custody (ES14/16025) which is a voluntary initiative of the private forestry sector for the protection of the forest in Europe.

Pallets with PEFC certificate